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Smartphone Complaints

31 Jul

If you inspired with the saying “Nobody is Perfect” well guest what? It is also applied to our Smartphones: NO Smartphone is Perfect. Smartphone Complaints - cellular country complaints Android phone don’t have App Store where they can download specifically for Android phone, and the iPhone it doesn’t have 4G LTE. Make sense?


Today I will show you what are the main complaints throughout all major platforms. You may also check why cellular country complaints.


FixYa checked the iPhone 4S, Samsung Galaxy S III, Galaxy Nexus, BlackBerry Curve and the HTC Titan II. Company gathered information from the product QA website with the effort to determine trends, and the leading 5 complaints regarding to this products.


The iPhone 4S

Battery lead complaints with this iPhone 4S at 45%, and 20%  of consumers who could not connect to WiFi, 15% complained about the connection in Bluetooth and 10% were not doing great by Siri.

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The Innovative Ritot Projection Watch

19 Jul

From the first released of Smartwatches, it is a huge success that’s why many company produce Smartwatches in different design and Ritot Projection Watch-angelsmobileareafeatures.  Today Ritot create the very first projection watch with Smartwatches Notification. Cool Indeed! (And to be honest I really want to have one). This Projection Smartwatches by Ritot was launched at the Indiegogo website this last month.

Ritot has been motivated by future technology with a goal of providing consumer a unique watch and will be certainly safe to be used on your skin and can be set to display in more than 20 colors to satisfy your fashion and taste.

Ritot Smartwatch will assist you to remain on top of the issues with vibrating notifications, Messages and alert. By shaking your wrist alert will automatically stop.

Here are some other apps for the Projection Smartwatch:

  • Incoming Caller ID
  • Text Messages
  • Reminders, Meetings
  • Emails
  • Calendars Alert
  • Facebook Messages
  • Twitter
  • Weather Alerts
  • Silent Vibrating alarm and timer
  • Notification for any other Apps

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