Smartphone Complaints

31 Jul

If you inspired with the saying “Nobody is Perfect” well guest what? It is also applied to our Smartphones: NO Smartphone is Perfect. Smartphone Complaints - cellular country complaints Android phone don’t have App Store where they can download specifically for Android phone, and the iPhone it doesn’t have 4G LTE. Make sense?


Today I will show you what are the main complaints throughout all major platforms. You may also check why cellular country complaints.


FixYa checked the iPhone 4S, Samsung Galaxy S III, Galaxy Nexus, BlackBerry Curve and the HTC Titan II. Company gathered information from the product QA website with the effort to determine trends, and the leading 5 complaints regarding to this products.


The iPhone 4S

Battery lead complaints with this iPhone 4S at 45%, and 20%  of consumers who could not connect to WiFi, 15% complained about the connection in Bluetooth and 10% were not doing great by Siri.

When the 4S came out last year, many consumers reported battery drainage problems, regardless of a patch from Apple Company. The issue seems to have been primarily fixed with following iOS 5 updates.
Looking at the ATT edition of the iPhone 4S, PCMag got 9 hours and 6 minutes of talk time along with a solid 3G signal.
Several consumers have reported WiFi problems with the device on Apple forums, at the same time even though the issues might be associated to router settings.

In the mean time Siri, has ended up a somewhat polarizing function on the 4S. many users are sue Apple about Siri’s performance.

Samsung Galaxy SIII

Main concern is the 50%  with Samsung top Smartphones had been problems with the mic that affected a users capacity to listen the person on the other side of the line, FixYa reported. Just after hanging up the phone, signal may weaken for a few minutes. FixYa encouraged us by checking for application updates ore resetting your phone to its factory settings and begin over.


Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Meanwhile Galaxy Nexus endured from the mic problem that affected its sister phone the Samsung Galaxy S III.  Just about 55% of issues handled on this matter, and 20% in battery life, 10% complaining about WiFi and another 10% in general usability.

By reviewing the Verizon version of Galaxy Nexus, PCMag found that it isn’t a excellent voice phone, and the device had several strange issues confirming reception. It does also have good but not that superb battery life with 5hrs and 58mins of talk time in test.


Black Berry Curve

Last but not the least the Black Berry Curve. The main amid the Smartphone complaints are its random reboots at 40%, for software glitches come in 20% followed by some missing applications also 20% and the memory card errors at 10%.


Never expect too much in innovative Smartphones, they may be released every now and then but as you read it they are always factory defects, but I’m not saying all have factory some few perhaps. Its better to have old cell phone for back up  just in case of emergency.


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