3 Amazing Cell Phone Gadgets for under $30

28 Oct

There are many innovations that out in the market nowadays, big devices getting small, small devices getting bigger, battery backups and many more but today will share to you some cool gadgets that cost under $30.

Android and iPhone Combo Charging Cable for $27.99

Angel Mobile AreaThis gadget can allow you to charge your Android or Apple devices. This Micro USB tip that snaps in to a lighting tip letting you to charge your android and apple devices. It very simple and safe and very convenient to carry. [innergie]

Lipstick Size as Emergency Battery for $17.99

Angela Mobile AreaThis kind of hidden back up battery can supply more than a fully charge for the many current smartphones and slides into your small kit without taking up too much space. There are many colors available; as a matter of fact there are more sexy shades if you’re not into full lipstick theme. Amazing, right? [RAVPower]

This last is one of my personal favorite and its cheap the

Retro Handset for $6.99

Angels Mobile AreaThis retro handset connects into the headset jack of your smartphone and allows you to communicate people just like old days. Since you have this retro handset you can also download apps for your dialer, the Retro Dialer available in Play Store. [Amazon]

Hope you like these cool ideas.


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