The OnePlus One advantage

26 Jan

The competition of Android phone is here once again, while smartphone companies are still waiting for The OnePlus One advantagethe release of Google’s latest OS on their latest smartphones, OnePlus One is presently enjoying the Alpha version of Android 5.0 Lollipop.

Introduced regarding by its remarkable display as well as the revenue last year, OnePlus One is hoping to maintain the momentum of its major step in 2014 upon this year.  The Chinese producer has been pretty consistent in updating their handset, issuing update after another update, a great deal to the gratitude of the consumers of its handset such as its leading OnePlus One. Company has a group of diligent software development crew that came up with the Alpha edition of the Android 5.0 Lollipop and eventually saved no time in rolling their leading smartphone.

Adhering to the launch of the Alpha edition of the Lollipop on OnePlus One, company released a report saying that their work is in line with maintaining their assurance to their clients to provide personalized yet bloat-free Lollipop experience. The idea included that the Alpha type is the ideal alternative they can offer to OnePlus One users even though still holding for the official release of Lollipop.

However, company mention in the initial launch is the final develop of Alpha edition of the Lollipop, Chinese company added that they tend to be still fine-tuning they program and will launch the final edition soon whenever they observe that it’s working fine.

The handset clearly desired to display tat it is a quite powerful and extreme smartphones producer. Instead of waiting of OS updates, the software developing team normally searches alternative ways inside which to make sure that OnePlus One costumers and other handset of the company are never left behind when it comes to updates.

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An early response of OnePlus One users on the Alpha version of the Lollipop frequently affirms that the OS looks fine though notice the presence of some bugs.  One of the bug mentioned is the continuous running of the data roaming which is in the default. The continuous running of the data roaming may result damage of the phone if not prevented.

Some issues are the unstable of the Wi-Fi, video and the camera. Also observed that the clock is crash frequently while the capacitive keys do not turn off when keys are not enabled.


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