Super Mega Cheap Microsoft Phone

31 Jan

Still searching for a cheap smartphone? I have a suggestion, it maybe small however this phone has its camera and Internet connectivity and the price tag is just $29, claiming the world’s cheapest smartphone and will put smile on your face.

According to its maker this phone is the “most affordable Internet-ready phone.”  this phone comes with 3 colors: bright green, white and black, includes a built in flashlight, Twitter, Facebook, Bing and MSN Weather  the 1,100mAh removable battery can last up to 29 days on its standby mode,

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Ok, maybe your excited what phone am I talking about, the cheap, long battery life and with camera. This is the Nokia 215 and Nokia 215 Dual Sim.
Nokia 215 b
Microsoft mentioned, “In 2014, 60% of the World’s population still didn’t have access to Internet. Our entry-level mobile phones like the new Nokia 215 and Nokia 215 Dual SIM pack mobile life and everyday essentials in an affordable package to connect people in new ways. Whether you are a first-time mobile phone user looking to enter the mobile-first world in style or a smartphone user looking for a perfect companion device, Nokia 215 offers you great features and all the essentials. All the goodness of the Nokia 215 comes in your choice of stylish Bright Green, Black or White. The Nokia 215 is packed with so much features, all for only $29. See it for yourself in this infographic.”

Nokia 215 a


Remember, nothing beats a good old Nokia alpha-numeric phone that doesn’t break.


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