When Samsung Rules

16 Apr

When someone talk about Samsung, first thing in our mind is S series, especially their new flagship the When Samsung RulesSamsung Galaxy S6 Edge, however not only S6 Edge is competing for great Samsung smartphones, below are selection of Samsung devices that will catch your attention.

Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung eventually answered the build criticisms, it comes adheres to the trend of the Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Alpha along with the metallic and glass body. Also a QHD screen, and loads of different fresh features such as the super fast Samsung Exynos processor matched with 3GB RAM, and the remodeled finger print scanner that operates a lot much more similar to Apple’s Touch ID. This Galaxy S6 introduced at a Samsung Unpacked event last March 1, and have sale in April 20 where price tag start at £599 or approximately 897 US Dollar.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Second edition of the Samsung Galaxy S unveiled together with the Galaxy S6 at MWC.  This follows the trend of the Galaxy Note 4 and Note Edge. In other aspects the specs are in series with the normal S6, however anticipate to spend a high for this elegant screen where price tag starts of 1120 US Dollar for the 64GB,

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Samsung Galaxy S6 mini

The Samsung Galaxy flagship release is usually followed by a lot of versions, and notably a compact type. This Samsung Galaxy S6 mini is probably to show up a several months after the normal Samsung Galaxy S6,maybe this coming July or early of August and it will be much more small version of its larger brother with a marginally slimmed down. We are expecting to see a 4.7 full HD screen, slower clock Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor, a 2GB RAM and 16MP and 5MP  in the cameras.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Active

Another rumored Samsung Galaxy S6 version, the S6 Active this could be a tough version of the Galaxy S6, this is a reliable theory, provided that the Galaxy S6 has no longer have the feature of water resistant.

And lastly,

Samsung Galaxy A7

Samsung Company has verified its Galaxy A7, a magnificent phablet with a 6.3mm metal frame, a 5.5 Super AMOLED screen display and 64bit octa-core processor just imagine how great is that.

That’s all for now, have you pick your choice for the Samsung S series, although the A7 is not het sale, however both have a single and dual SIM variant. So we just have to wait and enjoy this amazing smartphones from Samsung.


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