Cooking the Smartphones – Heat Challenge

18 Apr

We can see many crazy things happening all over the internet especially smartphones, comparing Cooking the Smartphones – Heat Challengefeatured devices, bending smartphones and many more and one of this catches my attention  the cooking of smartphones just to see how tough when it comes to heat with these devices.

If you can see the video below when Samsung Galaxy SX6 reach 55 seconds
Samsung Galaxy S6 automatically sense a heat and the device prompt a message that it’s overheating, cool right? Sensing a overheat then it will shut down.

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And the iPhone 6 when reach 10 seconds onward the screen starts to get black and as you can see its dead.

Also the guy is trying to crash the screen of the Galaxy S6 but the screen is tough indeed.

Video source: TechRax

Honestly, I envy this guy while watching the video, because he just got a brand new Galaxy S6 and iPhone 6 which cost a hundred bucks and just put it in a boiling water. Hope soon I can manage to get this device particularly the Galaxy S6.

Comment your thought.



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