How to make money with your smartphone?

28 Apr

Nowadays, having high end smartphone is cool because of the advance features.
Did you know that using your smartphone you can earn cash?  You won’t get rich however, it can be help you to pay a few to grocery stores, drink a couple of coffee in Starbucks, eat in a fine dine. Ok, let’s cut the surprise, here are some tips how to make money using your smartphone.

Sell your photos

You don’t need to be a professional photographer, just using the power of your imagination and a couple Foapof shoots from your smartphone, you can have a pretty good photos that you can sell. You might be asking where in the world to sell those photos.

FOAP is the answer. This application is free and allows you to upload your photo and sell them. Many company out there interested to buy photos online because they are using it for their advertising campaign. Maybe you take a couple of shoots from your cute puppy, sunrise and sunset from your vacation or even food.

In FOAP there are no limits how many photos you can upload and every sale you get is $5. If you want bigger pay FOAP offers photo mission where big companies pay hundreds or even thousand in that particular photo.

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Get your expenses refunded

For those who are contract workers, freelancers, business travelers, payments are big deal. You’re using Expensify-logo copyyour cash and relying that your company pay you back, if your paperwork isn’t that enough you might lose your money big time. You need a quick way to verify to your company that you essentially used the money and to prove that is actually presenting a receipt.

For those who don’t want to carry slack of receipt Expensify app is the right for you, this is a free app that automatically make a report from the image of a receipt, you can monitor the hours you worked. Furthermore, Expensify can link up with your bank account or credit card to pull the purchases without receipt. It can generate IRS guaranteed eReceipts. And lastly, you can create a PDF file to submit the report.

And lastly, this one is my favorite.

Your opinion means money

By simple sharing your points of view you can be rewarded, whether the topic is politics, movies, brand, iSAYproducts and everything else under the sun easy as that.
Market research firm Ipsos are the behind of i-Say, after the signing up you will received a surveys with a wide variety of topics. If your average user you can survey at least eight monthly. You can log in to i-Say using your smartphone, tablet or computer and check the website and fill out surveys.

In every complete survey provides you incentive points that you can use to trade for gift cards or merchandise from major stores. Additionally, each survey you complete you are entitled to a draw for prizes like iPads, gift cards, TVs overseas vacation and more.
Now tell me where in the world you can get money in just sharing your opinion?

These are some benefits of our smartphones all we need is to explore it more, stop updating your social media from time to time and start to earn cash. It might be a little but if you save it sooner or later your money will be grow more than you imagine.


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