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Fake iPhone factory Shut Down

30 Jul

For those people who are not aware, there is currently fake iPhone circulating in the phone industry,  Fake iPhone factory Shut Downoutside its hard to distinguish what is real but when it comes the programs and apps you will determine the difference.

The good news is the factory production fake apple iPhones has been shut down in China, plus nine people have been charged by the local police.  The manufacturing factory had created a 41,000 fake iPhone since it was established six months ago.

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Based to local media reports, the factory had employed hundred of laborers who are repackaging a second hand handset parts as new iPhone for export. Based to Beijing police, the factory was base on the northern borders of the city and they are informed to its operations by US authorities who had confiscated some of the fake iPhones.
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A big Loss from Microsoft

23 Jul

Microsoft Corp revealed a $3.2 billion quarterly net loss as it authored their Nokia phone business and A big Loss from Microsoftdemand dropped for its Windows OS.

The business firm got a charge of $7.5 billion in the 4th quarter connected to the restructuring of its Nokia phone business which it received a year ago. The Microsoft’s shares chop down 3% to $45.80 in expanded trading.

Chief Exec Satya Nadella, the firm has already been transferring its focus to software and cloud service as a huge demand for Windows OS drops. Revenue of Windows to computer supplier to set up on new PC’s dropped 22% in the quarter. The Company is planned to roll out Windows 10 in July 29, a much awaited kick off after a undesirable response to Windows 8.

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Right place to get a right phone

1 Jul

Are you planning to buy a smartphone and you think the budget is tight, actually there is way to have a smartphone as long as you’re not that elegant type person you can have one. Buy a used phone online, in doubt? Well, you cannot remove that kind of feeling because most of the time buying online is at risk BUT not in cellular country.

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Stitching it all, you can imagine that cellular country is indeed is a reliable website to purchase used phone. You can enjoy a new smartphone with no worries and most important it’s a budget friendly.