Google concentrate in $50 Smartphone

18 Aug

Google’s Android One plan is about putting Android to markets where buying for new smartphone is not Google concentrate in $50 Smartphonethat high, with this particular program the firm partners with OEMs to produce very reasonably priced handsets that work on its mobile platform. Rajan Anandan the Google handling directors for South Asia affirms that the company is going to introduce a new plan for Android One in the next few weeks, this time it is looking to hit the leads of smartphones that cost at $50.

This price level will provide Android pretty close to the feature handsets which tend to cost around $20 to $30 in growing markets, this kind of affordable handsets will significantly help Google’s aim to seize the next billion Android users. CHECK: Cellular country complaints: Great Deals and Coupon Codes

While Google does not create any of the hardware that bought via the Android One plan the firm does supply OEMs with a collection of hardware requirements which they have to stick to, so Google can manipulate both hardware and software experience of these budget friendly handsets.

Anandan informs the Financial Times that though Android One has not shipped as per the firm goals, Google is committed to this plan and it will get a new trend of smartphones to show us in the next couple of weeks.


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