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This iPhone 7 idea envisions Parachute System

17 Feb

Do you recall the Apple’s patent for corner guards in the screen that pop out to support a possible drop keeping you a costly display replacement? Or even the Amazon’s airbag phone guard idea? Actually, these ideas have been recently reimagined a bit little, in the form of an iPhone 7 with exactly what looks like a rocket enhancer types, which would likely up before the phone touches the ground. As a matter of fact, the idea video suggests a technique of valves and nozzles in the edges that would be managed by the accelerometer and alignment sensor to launch gas from a small tank that could prevent the handset from crashing to the floor.

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The program looks fairly detailed however, as the ShatterShiled tech of Motorola new Droid Turbo 2 shows, one need not go to these extremes in order to produce a hard to break display. It’s pretty cool to watch the handset drop off the bar counter then getting a soft landing.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Undergoes Battery Life Complaints

9 Feb

For those who enjoying the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 you might experience some of these issues shared from other cellular country complaintswho uses the same handset.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 starts with a complaint regarding to the battery life. The battery of Galaxy Note 5 is 3000mAh and its smaller than Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Numerous people have been worrying about this issue because the full charge of Note 5 offers about 27 hours and 30 minutes while the Note 4 offer up to 28 hours and 46 minutes.

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