Users complains about Windows 10 groove Music App does not playing music

14 Mar
Users complains about Windows 10 groove Music App does not playing music

Photo Credit: Josh Edelson/AFP/Getty Images

Last February 5, Groove which is a music player updated on Windows Mobile. The update designed to add new music-sorting, make playlist editing simple and speed up cloud library searches.

But it seems that this update do the opposite. Users complains that their devices’ music volume decreases during playback until no sound can be heard at all. Others complained that playlist became unplayable.

A Microsoft forum moderator, Ellen Kilbourne,promised that the company will do something about the issues.

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But users place even more complaints.  “Songs are not playing with their correct length,” forum member AnupamKaler said. “Some songs have wrong cover photos from other songs,” member mohammad ali alibrahim said. “I’ve got this problem as a sub-issue along with the failure to sync new file changes,” member johnhardyiv said.

The issues have strike gadgets operating Windows 10 Mobile, such as Lumia 950 and 950 XL. The two phones are Microsoft’s leading Windows phones, meant to drum up consumer’s interest in the battling system.

It’s the newest range of software problems destroying Microsoft’s new products. The company made a huge drive for Windows 10 in October with the release of the Surface Book, Surface Pro 4 and Lumia 950.

Although the gadgets were warmly praised on the release, all three have experienced software defects. In January, reviews overloaded the internet that Microsoft had ignored the Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book. They have failed to fix battery life issues, dropped Wi-Fi connections and poor keyboard functions.


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