Complaints rise with the Windows 10 newest mobile build

28 Jun

It seems to be that every time the Microsoft Company released their new Mobile build, there had been an issue Complaints rise with the Windows 10 newest mobile builduser’s will certainly complained – the quick drain of the battery. It was currently in the past build, and appears that Insider who set up the Mobile build 14364 has being affected by it.

With a particular stage, it is normal for your handset battery to drain fast and overheat particularly in the middle of a build set up or shortly later on. However, if these actions continue, then it will become a problem.

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In a latest Mobile build 14364 the handset battery seems to drain the quickest is the Lumia 535. Even worse: this has been occurring for the last three builds, as one of Insider comments:

This issue has been going on since about 3 builds ago.

If I use any app for more than 5 minutes, the phone seems to get extremely hot around the camera area on the back of the phone and the front in exact same spot. This in turn has been overheating my Micro SD Card, which results in reading errors, causing me to not receive messages or notifications until I reset the phone and do a scan of the SD Card.
Also, the battery has been draining pretty quick.

Furthermore, the Insider add that ahead of the Anniversary Preview Builds, his battery can last up to 3 days on a single charge, while now it looks to last about 10 hours and need to charge it again. He explained that the build 14364 is faster and more responsive but the battery and overheating problems are extremely irritating.

With these complaints regarding the battery drain, overheating and the Mobile build, Microsoft Company must look further into this matter in order to resolve it before the Anniversary update.


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