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Samsung Releases Cheap Smarphone Powered by Tizen

30 Sep

Samsung newest handset – the Z2, roll-out in India and it’s a simple way to attract to the country’s expanding Samsung releases first Tizen smartphone cheap as $68number of smartphone users. The Z2 prices INR 4,590 or approximately $68 and it is powered by Tizen, Samsung mobile operating system. It s also the first Tizen to support 4G. Also, Samsung will offer affordable smartphones in their refurbish program see it here.

The new Z2 definitely is not a powerhouse; however, it does offer a cheap way to costumers to get more out of their handset. The Z2 has a 1.5GHz processor, 1GB of RAM and 8GB internal storage. With the 4G connectivity, the Z2 comes with a 90 days free trial for several entertainment apps from India mobile operator Jio. Customers get free access such as data to video call TV shows, latest movies and music streaming service. Jio possibly hoping that once clients are connected on 4G connectivity, they’ll start paying for the network provider by themselves.

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This iPhone 7 idea envisions Parachute System

17 Feb

Do you recall the Apple’s patent for corner guards in the screen that pop out to support a possible drop keeping you a costly display replacement? Or even the Amazon’s airbag phone guard idea? Actually, these ideas have been recently reimagined a bit little, in the form of an iPhone 7 with exactly what looks like a rocket enhancer types, which would likely up before the phone touches the ground. As a matter of fact, the idea video suggests a technique of valves and nozzles in the edges that would be managed by the accelerometer and alignment sensor to launch gas from a small tank that could prevent the handset from crashing to the floor.

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The program looks fairly detailed however, as the ShatterShiled tech of Motorola new Droid Turbo 2 shows, one need not go to these extremes in order to produce a hard to break display. It’s pretty cool to watch the handset drop off the bar counter then getting a soft landing.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Undergoes Battery Life Complaints

9 Feb

For those who enjoying the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 you might experience some of these issues shared from other cellular country complaintswho uses the same handset.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 starts with a complaint regarding to the battery life. The battery of Galaxy Note 5 is 3000mAh and its smaller than Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Numerous people have been worrying about this issue because the full charge of Note 5 offers about 27 hours and 30 minutes while the Note 4 offer up to 28 hours and 46 minutes.

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What’s inside of the new Sony Xperia C5 Ultra Dual

29 Aug

When it comes to Sony smartphone first thing in our mind is the Xperia series. Now, Sony has launched their newly announced Xperia C5 Ultra Dual in India with a price tag of Rs. 29,990 or approximately 453US Dollar. Focusing in selfie lovers, this handset has a color variant of White, Black and Glossy Soft Mind.

The wow factor of the Sony Xperia C5 Ultra is the 13 megapixel front and rear camera features a LED flash with each camera and the Sony’s ExmorRS sensor. Furthermore, the Xperia C5 Ultra include video stabilizer, auto scene recognition, a 25mm wide angle lens along with 80 degree field of view, 4x digital zoom, a full HD recording, geo- tagging, red eye reduction, image stabilizer and a quite few more. Continue reading

Google concentrate in $50 Smartphone

18 Aug

Google’s Android One plan is about putting Android to markets where buying for new smartphone is not Google concentrate in $50 Smartphonethat high, with this particular program the firm partners with OEMs to produce very reasonably priced handsets that work on its mobile platform. Rajan Anandan the Google handling directors for South Asia affirms that the company is going to introduce a new plan for Android One in the next few weeks, this time it is looking to hit the leads of smartphones that cost at $50.

This price level will provide Android pretty close to the feature handsets which tend to cost around $20 to $30 in growing markets, this kind of affordable handsets will significantly help Google’s aim to seize the next billion Android users. Continue reading

Fake iPhone factory Shut Down

30 Jul

For those people who are not aware, there is currently fake iPhone circulating in the phone industry,  Fake iPhone factory Shut Downoutside its hard to distinguish what is real but when it comes the programs and apps you will determine the difference.

The good news is the factory production fake apple iPhones has been shut down in China, plus nine people have been charged by the local police.  The manufacturing factory had created a 41,000 fake iPhone since it was established six months ago.

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Based to local media reports, the factory had employed hundred of laborers who are repackaging a second hand handset parts as new iPhone for export. Based to Beijing police, the factory was base on the northern borders of the city and they are informed to its operations by US authorities who had confiscated some of the fake iPhones.
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Right place to get a right phone

1 Jul

Are you planning to buy a smartphone and you think the budget is tight, actually there is way to have a smartphone as long as you’re not that elegant type person you can have one. Buy a used phone online, in doubt? Well, you cannot remove that kind of feeling because most of the time buying online is at risk BUT not in cellular country.

Some people write bad reviews and make cellular country complaints, however many are still trusting cellular country why? Because their costumer’s supports are friendly and happy to assist and guide you throughout the calls, many variety of decent phone you can chRight place with the right phoneoose, did I mention decent phone? Their handsets are in good shape and no hidden defects. Other company telling you that their used phones are in good condition well I myself strongly doubt about that. And this is my favorite of all, cellular country always offer a huge discounts, giving coupon codes and a free shipping. Compare to other company they demand for a shipping fee.

Stitching it all, you can imagine that cellular country is indeed is a reliable website to purchase used phone. You can enjoy a new smartphone with no worries and most important it’s a budget friendly.