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The latest Snapdragon 835 Specs and Features

24 Feb

Qualcomm launched their newest Snapdragon 835 at CES. not long ago launched a set of slides with specs and features for the Snapdragon 835. Based on what the-latest-snapdragon-835-specs-and-featuresthese specs exposed, there are many of enhancement compared to its predecessors in nearly every aspect.

One of the slides described Snapdragon 835 as a next generation FinFET at 10nm which signifies it is smaller in terms of die size and package, with more feature addition. Hence, this means producers can create slimmer mobile devices with larger batteries. And compare to Snapdragon 820, the Snapdragon 835 power usage is very low, making battery life for a longer time.

How long is Snapdragon 835 power usage?

One slide compared Snapdragon 835 getting 50% power reduction to Snapdragon 801. And for tis specs, one slide displays Snapdragon 835 goes up at 2.45Ghz along with 2M L2 cache meaning 20% overall performance uplift over range of use cases, such as application load time, VR and web browsing.

Snapdragon 835 Kyro 280 Efficiency Cluster Optimization places it at 1.9GHz 1MB L2 cache which translate to 80% of time is put on efficiency cluster. This indicates memory power is delivered to a small phase with larger L2 cache.


Indian inventors support IBM top 2016 US patent list

3 Feb

indian-inventors-support-ibm-top-2016-us-patent-listIndia inventors contributed a report 658 patents to IBM last year to support the software giant top the list for US  patent recipients in 2016. With 8,088 US patents, IBM’s 2016 list handles a different range of inventions in cognitive computing, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity Cloud, cognitive health and many strategic growth areas for the company.

IBM’s Chairman, President and CEO, Ginni Rometty said, “Leading the world in innovation for 24 years in a row is a result of IBM’s unmatched commitment to innovation and R&D.”

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While Samsung Electronics with 5,518 US patents stood second, Canons with 3,665 patents was at the thirds position.

“IBM inventors were granted more than 22 patents per day in 2016, enabling the company to become the first to surpass 8,000 patents in a single year,” the statement said.

Google has 2,835 patents came with 5th and Microsoft with 2,398 patents and on the 8 spot.

Issues about mobile phone high rates

15 Apr

Cellphone high rate is a big issue in Canada. Everybody is aware what Issues about mobile phone high ratesthey pay with the highest rates in the world, and so called the changes applied a few years ago, which includes decreasing contract through mandatory two to three years.

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The new Angus Reid Poll published this week verifies it. It displays a much lesser than one in 10 Canadians believe they are getting a “best deal” on mobile phone service, and more than a half believe there’s not enough competitors.

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Users complains about Windows 10 groove Music App does not playing music

14 Mar
Users complains about Windows 10 groove Music App does not playing music

Photo Credit: Josh Edelson/AFP/Getty Images

Last February 5, Groove which is a music player updated on Windows Mobile. The update designed to add new music-sorting, make playlist editing simple and speed up cloud library searches.

But it seems that this update do the opposite. Users complains that their devices’ music volume decreases during playback until no sound can be heard at all. Others complained that playlist became unplayable.

A Microsoft forum moderator, Ellen Kilbourne,promised that the company will do something about the issues.

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New Portable Folding Keyboard from LG

29 Aug
New Portable Folding Keyboard from LG

Image from LG Newsroom

Several people finding hard time to type with a speed and accuracy on their touch screen devices. This will be answer to their problem – the Rolly keyboard from LG. This keyboard can be folded into thin. the rectangular shaped box then can simply carried around in your bag or pocket.

LG displayed its new flip style keyboard known as Rolly Keyboard, planning to launch during the IFA 2015 trade show next month in Germany. This keyboard is made from durable polycarbonate and ABS plastic. Continue reading

Cooking the Smartphones – Heat Challenge

18 Apr

We can see many crazy things happening all over the internet especially smartphones, comparing Cooking the Smartphones – Heat Challengefeatured devices, bending smartphones and many more and one of this catches my attention  the cooking of smartphones just to see how tough when it comes to heat with these devices.

If you can see the video below when Samsung Galaxy SX6 reach 55 seconds
Samsung Galaxy S6 automatically sense a heat and the device prompt a message that it’s overheating, cool right? Sensing a overheat then it will shut down.

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And the iPhone 6 when reach 10 seconds onward the screen starts to get black and as you can see its dead.

Also the guy is trying to crash the screen of the Galaxy S6 but the screen is tough indeed.

Video source: TechRax

Honestly, I envy this guy while watching the video, because he just got a brand new Galaxy S6 and iPhone 6 which cost a hundred bucks and just put it in a boiling water. Hope soon I can manage to get this device particularly the Galaxy S6.

Comment your thought.


Christmas Gift: 5 Ideal Tablets

4 Nov

Nowadays there are many competitions not only in smartphone also in Tablets, the battle of tablets from their features, specs and price range here are some 5 Ideal Tablets that I gather.

Samsung S Tab (£399), samsung.comcellular country complaints

Hottest and the idea design from S5 smartphone, with a back and fingerprint sensor. The benefits is definitely the performance, with 3GB build it RAM, with a significant battery and just a6.6 slim. This tablet maybe one of your personal wish list..

Nexus 9 (£319)cellular country complaints

This has a 8.9 inch display,  the fresh Lollipop OS, Google’s fastest and have 2 front speakers for great quality sound. The huge battery signifies you can regularly play video for maximum of 9.5 hours, amazing right?

Sony Xperia Z3, (£329) country complaints

A 8inch wide, 170g along with a waterproof to up to 1.5m? Yes this is the power of Sony Xperia Z3 the notably amazing piece of kit. This device from Sony is also the only tablet that can play remotely to PS4 games over Wi-Fi Plus. And the battery can last up to 12 hours.

iPad Air, (£399) country complaints

This Apple tablet could not be a large upgrade when compare to what we are use to, however this iPad Air is the fastest they’ve develop with their A8X chip.  And also the slimmest at only 6.1mm.  And they added Touch ID, a finger print recognition for security.

iPad Mini (£319) cellular country complaints

this tablet is quite remarkable, for those who want  a smaller size this iPad mini will suits your demand. The 7.9inch Retina screen is the major factor here.  Your kids can watch clearly in this tablet.

So there it is, if you have a plenty of cash you can buy some tablets mention above for Christmas gift.
Stop complaining and if you want some other brand you are free to browse online. For those who are curious about the condition of cellular country complaints, it is in good as far as I know. So let’s go back to the subject and let’s put these ideal tablets into our Christmas wish list, who knows Santa will grant it.