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Complaints started to rise with iOS 8

9 Dec

Looks like not only Android 5.0 Lollipop facing some bugs. Many Apple users much waited for the Complaints started to rise with iOS 8releaseĀ  of the iOS 8 update; however they did not expect that this update came with a lot of bugs. On other hand cellular country complaints banged for the issue.

Primarily, user had issue in downloading because of the large file that means they must extend their patience because they will need to wait a long time before they can complete the downloading. Other user also reported that some of the features of the Apple device does not perform properly after the update which includes the applications and sounds and function though not everyone experiencing the same dilemma.

Also some said that the iOS 8 upgrade drain battery quicker and also faced problems when trying to launch a third party application.

All these problems caused the Apple consumer experience to drop which is why many users are now disappointed with the iOS 8 update.

Well hopefully Apple Company will figure this out because the long it will take the more complaints they definitely acquire.