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Indian inventors support IBM top 2016 US patent list

3 Feb

indian-inventors-support-ibm-top-2016-us-patent-listIndia inventors contributed a report 658 patents to IBM last year to support the software giant top the list for US  patent recipients in 2016. With 8,088 US patents, IBM’s 2016 list handles a different range of inventions in cognitive computing, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity Cloud, cognitive health and many strategic growth areas for the company.

IBM’s Chairman, President and CEO, Ginni Rometty said, “Leading the world in innovation for 24 years in a row is a result of IBM’s unmatched commitment to innovation and R&D.”

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While Samsung Electronics with 5,518 US patents stood second, Canons with 3,665 patents was at the thirds position.

“IBM inventors were granted more than 22 patents per day in 2016, enabling the company to become the first to surpass 8,000 patents in a single year,” the statement said.

Google has 2,835 patents came with 5th and Microsoft with 2,398 patents and on the 8 spot.


Rising complaints about Google Nexus 6P

1 Mar

Google nexus 6P is one of the smartphones that has a good performance and there’s a lot of great news about this. cellular country complaints

Google Nexus 6P users reported problems regarding the handset and one of the worst issues is that the device rotates into landscape and never goes back into portrait.

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Another issues are that the device will lock up during a call and problem with the touchscreen sensors. Some users returned the device to the store to get their money back because of the said problems.

Are you a google Nexus 6P user and did you find a problem with this device?

Google concentrate in $50 Smartphone

18 Aug

Google’s Android One plan is about putting Android to markets where buying for new smartphone is not Google concentrate in $50 Smartphonethat high, with this particular program the firm partners with OEMs to produce very reasonably priced handsets that work on its mobile platform. Rajan Anandan the Google handling directors for South Asia affirms that the company is going to introduce a new plan for Android One in the next few weeks, this time it is looking to hit the leads of smartphones that cost at $50.

This price level will provide Android pretty close to the feature handsets which tend to cost around $20 to $30 in growing markets, this kind of affordable handsets will significantly help Google’s aim to seize the next billion Android users. Continue reading

What are the latest updates in Google Glass?

8 Jun

Google Glass PrescriptionsGoogle has launched an additional Google Glass update, the newest update repairs a variety of bugs on Google wearable device, and also add in the brand new lower battery alert.

The innovative low battery notification on Google Glass currently comes with a red blinking low battery warning, which displays that, your gadget does not get sufficient power to turn on and requires to be charged.

Involving numerous bug repairs, this launch greater handles cases when Glass is very low on power. Thing you may observe is a fresh display with a flashing red warning low battery when Glass doesn’t get enough power to turn on. Continue reading