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Cooking the Smartphones – Heat Challenge

18 Apr

We can see many crazy things happening all over the internet especially smartphones, comparing Cooking the Smartphones – Heat Challengefeatured devices, bending smartphones and many more and one of this catches my attention  the cooking of smartphones just to see how tough when it comes to heat with these devices.

If you can see the video below when Samsung Galaxy SX6 reach 55 seconds
Samsung Galaxy S6 automatically sense a heat and the device prompt a message that it’s overheating, cool right? Sensing a overheat then it will shut down.

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And the iPhone 6 when reach 10 seconds onward the screen starts to get black and as you can see its dead.

Also the guy is trying to crash the screen of the Galaxy S6 but the screen is tough indeed.

Video source: TechRax

Honestly, I envy this guy while watching the video, because he just got a brand new Galaxy S6 and iPhone 6 which cost a hundred bucks and just put it in a boiling water. Hope soon I can manage to get this device particularly the Galaxy S6.

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Screen easily scratch of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus?

30 Nov
cellular country complaints

image from appleinsider

After the successful released of the iOS 8 and the solved of the bend gate issue, now another problem  regarding to iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Even though these iPhone’s are consider by several gizmo aficionados as Apple finest devices to over come out of Foxconn’s manufacturer gate.
forgetting the bendgate issue, another problem came in as numerous iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus owners have strike Apple’s support forum where they have complaints concerning their handset screens being easily got scratches.

Previously, a forum has got over 120 and counting views and more than 700 feedback. Original thread starter said that despite the reality that he had highly good care of his iPhone 6 Plus, the safety glass protecting the display already shows visible scratches around the edges. Several forum members have followed up with their personal complaints about the handset, saying that the latest model are much more prone to scratches than Apples’s previous version.

Some Apple users think that the problem could have its design. New creation of iPhone is the first to feature a slight round glass panel around the bezels, without protecting live to avoid the glass from direct contact to flat surface when placed face down.  Some other think that the reason is the material used for producing the panel alone, which Apple company claims to be strengthened lon-X glass.  No matter what the case is, Apple company responded to these complaints, however a small number of users have reported that they have properly managed to get a replacement while other have the opposite.
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