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This iPhone 7 idea envisions Parachute System

17 Feb

Do you recall the Apple’s patent for corner guards in the screen that pop out to support a possible drop keeping you a costly display replacement? Or even the Amazon’s airbag phone guard idea? Actually, these ideas have been recently reimagined a bit little, in the form of an iPhone 7 with exactly what looks like a rocket enhancer types, which would likely up before the phone touches the ground. As a matter of fact, the idea video suggests a technique of valves and nozzles in the edges that would be managed by the accelerometer and alignment sensor to launch gas from a small tank that could prevent the handset from crashing to the floor.

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The program looks fairly detailed however, as the ShatterShiled tech of Motorola new Droid Turbo 2 shows, one need not go to these extremes in order to produce a hard to break display. It’s pretty cool to watch the handset drop off the bar counter then getting a soft landing.

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Fake iPhone factory Shut Down

30 Jul

For those people who are not aware, there is currently fake iPhone circulating in the phone industry,  Fake iPhone factory Shut Downoutside its hard to distinguish what is real but when it comes the programs and apps you will determine the difference.

The good news is the factory production fake apple iPhones has been shut down in China, plus nine people have been charged by the local police.  The manufacturing factory had created a 41,000 fake iPhone since it was established six months ago.

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Based to local media reports, the factory had employed hundred of laborers who are repackaging a second hand handset parts as new iPhone for export. Based to Beijing police, the factory was base on the northern borders of the city and they are informed to its operations by US authorities who had confiscated some of the fake iPhones.
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3 Most Expensive Gadgets, Very Expensive Indeed

6 Sep

Not everyone can afford to buy a million dollar for just 1 gadget, I can buy a house and lot for that. This 3 gadgets that worth a million dollar will definitely blow your mind.

The Luvalgio Laptop worth $1 million Luvalgio Laptop-Angels Teach Area

High end maker Luvalgio statements a couple of years ago when they claimed to be building a high class laptop falling into the $1 Million of its price range.  The business displays its high quality laptop which seems to be covered in some type of custom fabrics. To view of other details you must go to their website and you need a password.

CNET reported in 2007, together with a bundled screen cleaner, solid storage and a Blu-ray player among the other features. Information about Luvalgio laptop kept tight over the past years. I am really curious what will have a $1 Million laptop can do (that’s a lot of money).


Stuart Hughes iPad 2 Gold History Edition worth $5 millionStuart Hughes iPad 2 Gold History Edition - Angels Tech Area

Stuart Hughes re-created Apple iPad 2 and set it with a 12.5 carat of great diamonds. However, that’s not the reason why its too much expensive. Website from Stuart Hughes said; it’s the primary front frame that is built from one of the earliest stone in the world, this more than 75 million old ammolite, that makes it worthy of $5 Million.  Not to mention the T- Rex dino bones that are embedded within the stone.

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