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Mobile Phone Social Manners

7 Oct

Most of us have our own mobile phones, make some calls and text messaging anywhere and anytime, but did you know Angels Mobile Areathat there is some etiquette when using our cell phones out in the public?  This are exist because some folks are complaining when some people taking calls in the public, also check the cellular country complaints. There a few things to not just dial from where you are.

I will give you some suggestions when using your mobile phone. This will take stress away for you,  to the person on the other line and also to your surroundings.

  • Be aware of your surroundings and if you have a business call take it into a private area that no one will bothers you. You can talk and hear clearly what on the other side will tell about.  Remember that you do not own the public place which you can accept calls are make a call freely with a loud voice.
    Do not talk sensitive  while in the public places, people have different attitudes if your not believing well thank me then when someone slap your face. Continue reading