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Affordable phones for sale – Never Trust

16 Dec

Law enforcement from the Mary borough Criminal Investigation Branch are alert the local community if an item for  stolen-phone-tilesale such as a mobile device for affordable than regular sounds good to be true, odds are it is.

Crooks are often striving to outsmart others to make a easy dollar, as one individual from Hervey Bay discovered the tough way lately.

This person had bought a cell phone from buy and sell site, with a sealed, and quoted it a brand new but in fact, it was not a phone at all.

These crooks took the trouble to place a weight inside a phone box and a heat seal the box in plastic to make it look like never opened.

Authorities are now making additional queries relating to this event but warn others regarding the risk of getting goods like these from different sites. Bear in mind, if it sounds very unusual chances are it just could be.


Super Mega Cheap Microsoft Phone

31 Jan

Still searching for a cheap smartphone? I have a suggestion, it maybe small however this phone has its camera and Internet connectivity and the price tag is just $29, claiming the world’s cheapest smartphone and will put smile on your face.

According to its maker this phone is the “most affordable Internet-ready phone.”  this phone comes with 3 colors: bright green, white and black, includes a built in flashlight, Twitter, Facebook, Bing and MSN Weather  the 1,100mAh removable battery can last up to 29 days on its standby mode,

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Xiaomi preparing for their new LTE equipped smartphone

14 Jan

Every several months battle of mid-range smartphone is getting thinner as parts and price tag are continue to drop. When we talk about Xiaomi, many people amazed specially with the Redmi, and today new handset just came up at TENAA shows with a identical device that will definitely have a great price tag. Leave the cellular country complaints alone and let us check this new smartphone from Xiaomi.

Few years ago, if you have an Android smartphone that have a price tag of 100USD you probably ran for a new version of Android. Today, we have witness the numerous smartphone released with an amazing specs and price made local and international manufacturer.

Xiaomi preparing for their new LTE equipped smartphone

image from tenaa.com.cn

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3 Amazing Cell Phone Gadgets for under $30

28 Oct

There are many innovations that out in the market nowadays, big devices getting small, small devices getting bigger, battery backups and many more but today will share to you some cool gadgets that cost under $30.

Android and iPhone Combo Charging Cable for $27.99

Angel Mobile AreaThis gadget can allow you to charge your Android or Apple devices. This Micro USB tip that snaps in to a lighting tip letting you to charge your android and apple devices. It very simple and safe and very convenient to carry. [innergie]

Lipstick Size as Emergency Battery for $17.99

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A heavy metal song saves a boy from wolves

21 Oct
Image: Boy (center) with his yonger brother and mom via Drugoi.

This is odd news; a 13 years Old Norwegian boy prevented getting attacked by wolves by playing heavy metal music on his cell phone.

The incident took place in the main Norwegian town of Rakkestad, 4 wolves appeared before the boy when he was heading back home from school, were terrified away by the noise coming from the boy mobile phone. Want to know what band saved the boy’s life? Well it’s the Trash metal band Megadeth. Yeah, Rock and Roll!

The boy mentioned that he had been advised that in order to prevent being attacked by wolves one should not run from them however attack them.  And the boy indeed attack by using Megadeth Sound,

Mobile Phone Social Manners

7 Oct

Most of us have our own mobile phones, make some calls and text messaging anywhere and anytime, but did you know Angels Mobile Areathat there is some etiquette when using our cell phones out in the public?  This are exist because some folks are complaining when some people taking calls in the public, also check the cellular country complaints. There a few things to not just dial from where you are.

I will give you some suggestions when using your mobile phone. This will take stress away for you,  to the person on the other line and also to your surroundings.

  • Be aware of your surroundings and if you have a business call take it into a private area that no one will bothers you. You can talk and hear clearly what on the other side will tell about.  Remember that you do not own the public place which you can accept calls are make a call freely with a loud voice.
    Do not talk sensitive  while in the public places, people have different attitudes if your not believing well thank me then when someone slap your face. Continue reading