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Issues about mobile phone high rates

15 Apr

Cellphone high rate is a big issue in Canada. Everybody is aware what Issues about mobile phone high ratesthey pay with the highest rates in the world, and so called the changes applied a few years ago, which includes decreasing contract through mandatory two to three years.

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The new Angus Reid Poll published this week verifies it. It displays a much lesser than one in 10 Canadians believe they are getting a “best deal” on mobile phone service, and more than a half believe there’s not enough competitors.

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Complaints concerning Mobile Phone Providers Increased

16 May

Just after six straight quarters on quarter savings, new complaints concerning mobile providers in Australia increased by 2.4% from the past quarter with 15,096 new complaints registered in between January and March this year 2015. According to the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman there’s a decreased of 20.2% year-on-year.

New complaints concerning extra data charges additionally increased by 4.4% quarter-on-quarter from 1,991 to 2,078. But the year-on-year, a new complaint about the extra data fees is down by 41.6%.

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The majority of considerable increase was registered in new complaints about questioned third party fees, with 701 new complaints, 87.9% much more than the past quarter and 77% more year-on-year. This particular group consists of new complaints about questioned mobile premium services and other material service charges.

Complaints regarding to Vodafone, Optus and Telstra made up 74.3% of many new complaints recorded in the time period.

Xiaomi preparing for their new LTE equipped smartphone

14 Jan

Every several months battle of mid-range smartphone is getting thinner as parts and price tag are continue to drop. When we talk about Xiaomi, many people amazed specially with the Redmi, and today new handset just came up at TENAA shows with a identical device that will definitely have a great price tag. Leave the cellular country complaints alone and let us check this new smartphone from Xiaomi.

Few years ago, if you have an Android smartphone that have a price tag of 100USD you probably ran for a new version of Android. Today, we have witness the numerous smartphone released with an amazing specs and price made local and international manufacturer.

Xiaomi preparing for their new LTE equipped smartphone

image from tenaa.com.cn

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A heavy metal song saves a boy from wolves

21 Oct
Image: Boy (center) with his yonger brother and mom via Drugoi.

This is odd news; a 13 years Old Norwegian boy prevented getting attacked by wolves by playing heavy metal music on his cell phone.

The incident took place in the main Norwegian town of Rakkestad, 4 wolves appeared before the boy when he was heading back home from school, were terrified away by the noise coming from the boy mobile phone. Want to know what band saved the boy’s life? Well it’s the Trash metal band Megadeth. Yeah, Rock and Roll!

The boy mentioned that he had been advised that in order to prevent being attacked by wolves one should not run from them however attack them.  And the boy indeed attack by using Megadeth Sound,

What are the latest updates in Google Glass?

8 Jun

Google Glass PrescriptionsGoogle has launched an additional Google Glass update, the newest update repairs a variety of bugs on Google wearable device, and also add in the brand new lower battery alert.

The innovative low battery notification on Google Glass currently comes with a red blinking low battery warning, which displays that, your gadget does not get sufficient power to turn on and requires to be charged.

Involving numerous bug repairs, this launch greater handles cases when Glass is very low on power. Thing you may observe is a fresh display with a flashing red warning low battery when Glass doesn’t get enough power to turn on. Continue reading

Google Mail For Mobile Phones?

21 Nov

With the development of fast Online connections for almost all new cell phones (through either 3rd generation systems or wireless gmail on mobileLANs) application companies for example Google will work difficult to develop mobile versions of the current online choices.

Google Mail has lately been launched to permit customers for connecting and browse email addresses whenever and wherever. Lots of people currently have a Google user account setup which not just enables you to definitely access email on the web but allows you use of programs for example Adwords, Statistics, Website owner Tools plus much more. This Google user account is now able to accustomed to sign in for you email using your cell phone.

As always Google keeps it easier. There’s just one fast application download that will install Google Mail in your cell phone and adds a launch icon to some relevant location in your cell phone menu. The moment you launch the applying you’re taken instantly for your email Mailbox which shows all of your latest emails. By hitting among the emails within the list you open the e-mail inside your mobile window which you’ll then read using the scroll button. There’s a menu which provides all of you your choices for example reply, remove, archive and everything you realized from an e-mail client. You may also make use of this menu to navigate with other folders for example starred or sent products. The compose window is again easy and obvious. You’re offered a ‘To’ text box which enables you to definitely enter a recipient or sort through your contacts. All you need to do then is give a subject title, write your email in the region provided after which make use of the actions menu to transmit. Links within emails are maintained which enables you to definitely click on to websites and examine them in your soul cell phones internet browser.
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Tele Company Complaints

30 Sep

The big companies TalkTalk, EE and T Mobile gathering the most complained telecoms complaints-barand broadband companies between April and June 2013  source from Ofcom Show.

In mobile market TalkTalk received most complaints .34 per 1,000 costumers, more than double the industry average. Most dismay stemmed from complaints handling the problems – customers suffered during changing provider.

The next in the list the most complained about phone provider is the BT, received .16 complaints per 1,000 customers, leveling with the industry average: on the other side of cellular country complaints.
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