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What Is The Importance Of Bluetooth

30 Sep

Portable personal computer or laptops are the first one to use Bluetooth technology – more and morebluetooth gadgets such as smartphones uses the same technology to communicate with other devices.

Bluetooth and apple laptop are the first computers offers Bluetooth technology. The 2.0 EDR technology which backwards compatible with 1.0 is more than 3x faster than the previous versions. give maximum data rate transfer up to 3MPBS. The first company to manage a system with 2.0 EDR.  Until now apple continues to make great use of the Bluetooth technology.

There are other Bluetooth enabled computers available from apple including iMac.

Make easier life when turning Bluetooth on to your laptop because it can easily perform file transfer or even synchronization.. From Bluetooth selection you can choose either send file or browse your device easy and quickly.

You can also used Bluetooth enabled printing documents and images – but must select a printer that support your Bluetooth device. Also can talk your friends while chatting through Bluetooth headset.
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