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Galaxy Alpha: Is it worth to buy?

15 Aug

This is definitely not the normal Smartphone released by Samsung, The Galaxy Alpha made quite introduction.  Samsung Galaxy Alpha - Angels Tech

Though the Galaxy Alpha go the normal launched with speculations befitting for any high end Smartphone. There was no sensational introduction event, no victorious speech from executives and no details on which provider will promote the device and to sum it up its boring. But lets talk about the device because that is the important most.

This metal combined Galaxy Alpha is definitely develop to handle the complaints that consumers have expressed regarding the affordable plastic material experience with Samsung devices, like the cellular country complaints but in this case they turn out giving free coupons you may check here.

Jan Dawson Jackdaw Research Analyst said: “It feels very much like an experiment to me, like so many other Samsung devices in the past,”

With Dawson stated many costumes confuse is it a flagship or not? It is however uncertain. Samsung spokesperson mention the components and function are what might be located on a leading Galaxy device. He refuses to comment on the cost. Though he verified it that it would be cheaper than the Galaxy S5

Galaxy Alpha has a 4.7inch display, also have 12MP camera that is bit low compare to GS5 with 16MP, 32GB internal storage, it doesn’t have expandable MicroSD slot, when it comes to battery its bit weak than the GS5. The only Alpha have is marquee features such as ultra power saving mode and fingerprint scanner not bad at all.

Looks like the Galaxy Alpha successor of Galaxy S5, but still it’s intriguing. Anyway, the front and back of Alpha is dimply structure, its not clear yet for now just what the material is. It is obviously surrounded with a metal band. It has slope edges and its base speaker openings look almost similar to iPhone.

It is the first step towards Samsung developing metallic into more of its products. As such the Galaxy Alpha is probably an essential stepping stone within Samsung development plans. Continue reading