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Smartphone Complaints

31 Jul

If you inspired with the saying “Nobody is Perfect” well guest what? It is also applied to our Smartphones: NO Smartphone is Perfect. Smartphone Complaints - cellular country complaints Android phone don’t have App Store where they can download specifically for Android phone, and the iPhone it doesn’t have 4G LTE. Make sense?


Today I will show you what are the main complaints throughout all major platforms. You may also check why cellular country complaints.


FixYa checked the iPhone 4S, Samsung Galaxy S III, Galaxy Nexus, BlackBerry Curve and the HTC Titan II. Company gathered information from the product QA website with the effort to determine trends, and the leading 5 complaints regarding to this products.


The iPhone 4S

Battery lead complaints with this iPhone 4S at 45%, and 20%  of consumers who could not connect to WiFi, 15% complained about the connection in Bluetooth and 10% were not doing great by Siri.

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