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Google concentrate in $50 Smartphone

18 Aug

Google’s Android One plan is about putting Android to markets where buying for new smartphone is not Google concentrate in $50 Smartphonethat high, with this particular program the firm partners with OEMs to produce very reasonably priced handsets that work on its mobile platform. Rajan Anandan the Google handling directors for South Asia affirms that the company is going to introduce a new plan for Android One in the next few weeks, this time it is looking to hit the leads of smartphones that cost at $50.

This price level will provide Android pretty close to the feature handsets which tend to cost around $20 to $30 in growing markets, this kind of affordable handsets will significantly help Google’s aim to seize the next billion Android users. Continue reading


Right place to get a right phone

1 Jul

Are you planning to buy a smartphone and you think the budget is tight, actually there is way to have a smartphone as long as you’re not that elegant type person you can have one. Buy a used phone online, in doubt? Well, you cannot remove that kind of feeling because most of the time buying online is at risk BUT not in cellular country.

Some people write bad reviews and make cellular country complaints, however many are still trusting cellular country why? Because their costumer’s supports are friendly and happy to assist and guide you throughout the calls, many variety of decent phone you can chRight place with the right phoneoose, did I mention decent phone? Their handsets are in good shape and no hidden defects. Other company telling you that their used phones are in good condition well I myself strongly doubt about that. And this is my favorite of all, cellular country always offer a huge discounts, giving coupon codes and a free shipping. Compare to other company they demand for a shipping fee.

Stitching it all, you can imagine that cellular country is indeed is a reliable website to purchase used phone. You can enjoy a new smartphone with no worries and most important it’s a budget friendly.

Smartphone Complaints

31 Jul

If you inspired with the saying “Nobody is Perfect” well guest what? It is also applied to our Smartphones: NO Smartphone is Perfect. Smartphone Complaints - cellular country complaints Android phone don’t have App Store where they can download specifically for Android phone, and the iPhone it doesn’t have 4G LTE. Make sense?


Today I will show you what are the main complaints throughout all major platforms. You may also check why cellular country complaints.


FixYa checked the iPhone 4S, Samsung Galaxy S III, Galaxy Nexus, BlackBerry Curve and the HTC Titan II. Company gathered information from the product QA website with the effort to determine trends, and the leading 5 complaints regarding to this products.


The iPhone 4S

Battery lead complaints with this iPhone 4S at 45%, and 20%  of consumers who could not connect to WiFi, 15% complained about the connection in Bluetooth and 10% were not doing great by Siri.

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Why Many British People Don’t Use Their Device Full Performance

28 Jun

Why Many British People Don’t Use Their Device Full PerformanceMost of the British people do not use their devices full performance even though they are spending more than £350 in each device a year ago.

The eagerness of having a innovative cell phone and tablets has led closely 3rd of the United Kingdom population granting they will benefit with an additional support to make most of them, admitted by the researchers from Barclays. Only just under 95% of British people not using the full performance of their device and just 4 out of 10 use only half or less of it.

Barclays had release a group of 7,000 digital eagles qualified to assess consumers and non costumers to make the most of their devices at branches across the United Kingdom.
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